Galaxy Environmental, Inc. has drawn from many years of experience to begin this

operation with state of the art equipment and work procedures, an experienced

competent work force, and qualified proficient supervisors.


In the short period of time Galaxy Environmental, Inc. has been in business, we have

successfully constructed an ever-growing network of clients with every job undertaken. Each project was completed on time, in a professional manner and with personalized attention to our clients needs. We have proven our abilities and we will continue to penetrate the environmental contracting industry, providing the client with a fresh, professional, experienced and qualified alternative to their environmental abatement needs.


Galaxy Environmental, Inc. maintains coverage of comprehensive insurance to current industry standards. Clients are assured true occurrence form insurance. Additional amounts can be obtained to meet your individual requirements. Our clients can be included on our policies as an additionally insured.


On several of our projects we have incorporated engineering controls to allow the

facility owners to keep business in operation while an abatement project is being

conducted simultaneously. We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate our

clients by being able to work in occupied buildings with minimal disruption to daily



Although we are a new company, we have access to resources and personnel to meet

the demands of projects requiring a large work force or within extended time frames as in a multi-phased project. Our capacity assures the adequate scheduling of labor and equipment to meet even the most demanding schedule.


Galaxy Environmental, Inc. has an exceptional clean safety record. Safety is of our

utmost importance. It is Galaxy Environmental, Inc.ís philosophy that our

comprehensive Safety Program, maintained through engineering, preventative

maintenance, training, adherence to work practices and regulations that all accidents

can and must be avoided. We maintain extensive safety programs covering all phases of work.

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